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Submission Name Data Resources ID Submitted Status
Lowry Range Solar Station: Arapahoe County, Colorado (Data) 2 30 Public
Solar radiation monitoring for University of Nevada (UNLV), Las Vegas, Nevada 2 29 Public
Solar Resource and Meteorological Assessment Project (SOLRMAP): Rotating Shadowband Radiometer (RSR) Data for Cedar City, Utah 2 28 Public
San Clemente Island Data: San Clemente Island, California (Data) 2 27 Public
Solar Resource and Meteorological Assessment Project (SOLRMAP): Sun Spot Two Data for Swink, Colorado 2 26 Public
Rotating Shadowband Radiometer (RSR) Data for Los Angeles, California 2 25 Public
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL); Rotating Shadowband Radiometer (RSR); Oak Ridge, Tennessee (Data) 2 23 Public
Rotating Shadowband Radiometer (RSR) Data from SOLRMAP Escalante Tri-State - Prewitt, New Mexico 2 22 Public
Solar Radiation Monitoring Station (SoRMS): Humboldt State University, Arcata, California (Data) 2 20 Public
United States Virgin Islands: St. Thomas (Bovoni) & St. Croix (Longford) 2 19 Public
Elizabeth City State University: Elizabeth City, North Carolina (Data) 2 18 Public
Sun Spot One (SS1): San Luis Valley, Colorado (Data) 2 17 Public
Solar Radiation Monitoring of Bluefield State College: Bluefield, West Virginia (Data) 2 16 Public
Rotating Shadowband Radiometer (RSR) Data for La Ola Lanai, Hawaii 2 14 Public
Xcel Energy Comanche Station: Pueblo, Colorado (Data) 2 13 Public
Solar irradiance data from Nevada Power's Clark Station, Las Vegas, Nevada 2 12 Public
Oahu Solar Measurement Grid (1-Year Archive): 1-Second Solar Irradiance; Oahu, Hawaii (Data) 2 11 Public
NREL Vehicle Testing and Integration Facility (VTIF): Rotating Shadowband Radiometer (RSR); Golden, Colorado (Data) 2 10 Public
Geothermal Exploration Cost and Time 2 8 Public
NREL Solar Radiation Research Laboratory (SRRL): Baseline Measurement System (BMS); Golden, Colorado (Data) 2 7 Public
South Park Mountain Data: South Park, Colorado (Data) 2 6 Public
University of Oregon: GPS-based Precipitable Water Vapor (PWV) 1 5 Public
Renewable Electricity Futures Study - Volume One 3 4 Public
Resource Reporting Methodology Analysis and Development of Geothermal Reporting Metric for GTO's Hydrothermal Program 1 3 Public
Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority (NELHA): Hawaii Ocean Science & Technology Park; Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 1 2 Public
Solar Technology Acceleration Center (SolarTAC): Solar Resource & Meteorological Assessment Project (SOLRAMP) 1 1 Public