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South Park Mountain Data: South Park, Colorado (Data)

South Park, Colorado data including "Live" data and plots, updated every 2 hours.
Daily plots and raw data files, are available from March 28, 1997 to yesterday.
Solar Calendars, are available from March 1997 to the present month.
Wind roses (monthly, seasonal, & yearly) are available from October 2002 to May 2010.
- Originated 04/05/2016 by National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

2 Resources

 NameSizeTypeResource Description
 South Park Colorado Mountain DatawebsiteDOI 10.5439/1052562
 BibliographywebsiteResource bibliography on SciTech Connect DOI 10.7799/1052562


midc solar irradiance meterological data measurement instrumentation solar calendar wind rose display weather outdoor global temperature humidity wind silicon South Park Colorado NREL energy renewable energy re


•  DEC  • 18 2014

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

by , Center 5500



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McKenna, E.; Andreas, A. (2014): South Park Mountain Data: South Park, Colorado (Data). National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

About this dataset

id 6
DOI 10.7799/1052562
status Publicly accessible
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DOE Project

GO28308 South Park Mountain Data

Research Areas

  • Geothermal Energy
  • Wind Energy

Additional Subjects

  • Instrumentation
  • Knowledge Management

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