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Renewable Electricity Futures Study - Volume One

Renewable Electricity Futures Study - Volume One. This is part of a series of four volumes describing exploring a high-penetration renewable electricity future for the United States of America. This data set is provides data for the entire volume one document and includes all data for the charts and graphs included in the document.

- Originated 06/01/2016 by National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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 Renewable Energy Futures Webpage on NREL.govwebsiteComplete description and associated links to other models and reports used to prepare the Renewable Energy Futures Report
 Renewable Energy Futures Study - Volume Oneimage_documentRenewable Energy Futures Study - Volume 1 of 4. Exploration of High-Penetration Renewable Electricity Futures. The Renewable Electricity Futures Study (RE Futures) provides an analysis of the grid integration opportunities, challenges, and implications of high levels of renewable electricity generation for the U.S. electric system. The study is not a market or policy assessment. Rather, RE Futures examines renewable energy resources and many technical issues related to the operability of the U.S. electricity grid, and provides initial answers to important questions about the integration of high penetrations of renewable electricity technologies from a national perspective. DOI 10.2172/1219711
 re_futures_v1_figures_data-2013-06-26.xlsx1233757dataFor the Renewable Electricity Futures Study (RE Futures), the National Renewable Energy Laboratory investigated the extent to which renewable energy supply could meet the electricity demands of the continental United States over the next several decades. This file contains the data for select figures in Volume 1 of the RE Futures report, which describes the approach taken by the study and the models used in it, along with its key results.


NREL energy data renewable energy electricity high-penetration of renewables electricity future Futures bioenergy geothermal energy CSP concentrating solar power energy analysis water power wind energy photovoltaics


•  JAN  • 19 2016

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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Hand, Maureen et al. (2016): Renewable Electricity Futures Study - Volume One. National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

About this dataset

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DOI 10.7799/1255077
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DOE Project

GO28308 Renewable Electricity Futures

Research Areas

  • Bioenergy
  • Solar Power
  • Grid Modernization
  • Energy Analysis
  • Energy Systems Integration
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Water Power
  • Wind Energy

Additional Subjects

  • Instrumentation
  • Knowledge Management

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