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2016 Annual Technology Baseline

Current and future cost and performance data for electricity generating technologies, including both renewable and conventional technologies.
- Originated 09/16/2016 by National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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 2016 Annual Technology Baseline.xlsm2932849otherCost and performance data for electricity generating technologies
 2016 Final ATB Summary Presentation.pdf26070851image_documentThis presentation augments the data in the ATB spreadsheet with a description and discussion of each of the technologies.
 Annual Technology Baseline and Standard ScenarioswebsiteNREL annually documents a realistic and timely set of input assumptions (e.g., technology cost, fuel costs), and a diverse set of potential futures (Standard Scenarios) to support and inform electric sector analysis in the United States.


NREL energy data wind pv photovoltaic concentrating solar power LCOE geothermal hydropower CAPEX overnight capital cost cost and performance projection RE US renewable energy


•  SEP  • 12 2016

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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Hand, Maureen et al. (2016): 2016 Annual Technology Baseline. National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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DOI 10.7799/1324625
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DOE Project

FY16 AOP Annual Technology Baseline and Standard Scenarios

Research Areas

  • Bioenergy
  • Solar Power
  • Energy Analysis
  • Energy Systems Integration
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Water Power
  • Wind Energy

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