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Grid Service Values of Generic Marginal Building Flexibility in Modeled 2030 U.S. Power Systems

The datasets include the capacity, energy, and ancillary service values of a marginal kilowatt-hour (kWh) of generic, daily, shiftable building flexibility as a presumed market entrant in the 2030 U.S. power systems. The results should be interpreted…
demand response
grid-interactive efficient buildings
building flexibility
grid integration
Submitted 01/12/2021 - 10:39 by Shengru Zhou

Efficiency and Demand Flexibility in Large Office Buildings

Data is associated with Report "Efficiency and Demand Flexibility in Large Office Buildings" by Joyce McLaren, Thomas Bowen, and Chioke Harris (no Technical Report number yet). Results are created from repos GEB_ECM_Impact_Estimator (https://github.nrel…
grid-interactive efficient buildings
Marginal emissions
cost of electricity
customer bills
Submitted 01/13/2023 - 07:57 by Thomas Bowen