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Manufacturing Thermal Energy Use in 2014

The first data set estimates thermal energy use (i.e., fuels combusted for process heating, boilers, and combined heat and power/cogeneration) by end use, temperature, county, and facility employment size class for all U.S. manufacturing industries in 2014. The estimation methodology builds off of prior estimates of industrial energy use (,
The second data set estimates hourly heat load (as a fraction of annual energy used for heat) using hourly observations of industrial boiler and combined heat and power/cogeneration heat load from EPA's Air Markets Program Data (, weekly operating hours in 2014 from Census Quarterly Survey of Plant Capacity Utilization (, and annual production hours reported by assessments conducted by Industrial Assessment Centers (
- Originated 09/17/2019 by National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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 Manufacturing_Heat_Loadshapes.tar.gz9625746archiveParquet file partitioned by North American Industrial Classification (NAICS) code, compressed in a tar file.
 Manufacturing_Energy_by_Temperature_and_Enduse.tar.gz.gz7816473archiveParquet file partitioned by FIPS state code.


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•  SEP  • 27 2019

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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McMillan, Colin (2019): Manufacturing Thermal Energy Use in 2014. National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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