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A National Thermal Generator Performance Database

This submission contains cleaned and filtered data from the Environmental Protection Agency Clean Air Markets CAM database of thermal power plant operation and performance.
- Originated 12/05/2018 by National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

22 Resources

 NameSizeTypeResource Description
 DEPRECATED CEMS_2015-2016_Piecewise_Fits.csv398866dataPiecewise-linear heat input fits.
 DEPRECATED CEMS_Heat_Rates_2015-2016.csv968921dataPolynomial heat rate fit data for all generator types.
 DEPRECATED CEMS_2015-2016_Filtered_Boiler_Wood.csv6720185dataFiltered data for wood boilers.
 DEPRECATED CEMS_2015-2016_Filtered-ND_Boiler_Wood.csv6731715dataFiltered data for wood boilers without density filter.
 DEPRECATED CEMS_2015-2016_Filtered-ND_Stoker_Wood.csv8857675dataFiltered data for wood stokers without density filter.
 DEPRECATED CEMS_2015-2016_Filtered_Stoker_Wood.csv8833566dataFiltered data for wood stokers.
 DEPRECATED CEMS_2015-2016_Filtered_Combustion_turbine_Diesel_Oil.csv9179091dataFiltered data for diesel oil combustion turbines.
 DEPRECATED CEMS_2015-2016_Filtered-ND_Combustion_turbine_Diesel_Oil.csv9288550dataFiltered data for diesel oil combustion turbines without density filter.
 DEPRECATED CEMS_2015-2016_Filtered_Boiler_Diesel_Oil.csv10134443dataFiltered data for diesel oil boilers.
 DEPRECATED CEMS_2015-2016_Filtered-ND_Boiler_Diesel_Oil.csv10198999dataFiltered data for diesel oil boilers without density filter.
 DEPRECATED CEMS_2015-2016_Filtered_Boiler_Natural_Gas.csv148633048dataFiltered data for natural gas boilers.
 DEPRECATED CEMS_2015-2016_Filtered-ND_Boiler_Natural_Gas.csv149128844dataFiltered data for natural gas boilers without density filter.
 DEPRECATED CEMS_2015-2016_Filtered_Combustion_turbine_Natural_Gas.csv249853216dataFiltered data for natural gas combustion turbines.
 DEPRECATED CEMS_2015-2016_Filtered-ND_Combustion_turbine_Natural_Gas.csv251914719dataFiltered data for natural gas combustion turbine without density filter.
 DEPRECATED CEMS_2015-2016_Filtered-ND_Combined_Cycle.csv770309377dataFiltered data for combined cycle units.
 DEPRECATED CEMS_2015-2016_Filtered_Boiler_Coal.csv1041316126dataFiltered data for coal boilers.
 DEPRECATED CEMS_2015-2016_Filtered-ND_Boiler_Coal.csv1046849950dataFiltered data for coal boilers without density filter.
 DEPRECATED CEMS_Generic_Heat_Rates.zip3239archiveGeneric heat rate fits for all generator types.
 CEMS_2016-2017_Heat_Rates.zip552205archiveCorrected Heat Rates as CSV
 CEMS_2016-2017_Filtered.zip192924507archiveTime series broken out separately by plant type
 CEMS_2016-2017_Piecewise_Fits.zip327893archivePiecewise fits
 CEMS_Generic_Heat_Rates.zip6084archiveGeneric values


NREL energy data thermal plant thermal performance part load heat rate boiler coal natural gas diesel oil combustion turbine wood


•  DEC  • 5 2018

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

by , 303.275.3680, Center 6A20, ORCID iD 0000-0001-9351-8404



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Rossol, Michael et al. (2018): A National Thermal Generator Performance Database. National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

About this dataset

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DOI 10.7799/1499030
Pub Number 72759
status Publicly accessible
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GO28308 North American Renewable Integration Study

Research Areas

  • Energy Analysis
  • Energy Systems Integration

Additional Subjects

  • Direct Use
  • Energy Conservation/Utilization
  • Fossil-fueled Power Plants

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