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Electric Technology Adoption and Energy Consumption

Scenario data from the Electrification Futures Study Scenarios of Electric Technology Adoption and Power Consumption for the United States report. Annual projections from 2017 to 2050 of electric technology adoption and energy consumption for five scenarios reference electrification medium electrification high electrification electrification potential and low electricity growth. Each scenario assumes moderate technology advancement as described by Jadun et al. 2017 https//
- Originated 07/25/2018 by National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

4 Resources

 NameSizeTypeResource Description
 Final Energy Demand.gzip98670042otherProjected annual final energy demand (MMBtu) by scenario, demand technology, state, sector, and subsector.
 Electric Technology Sales.gzip33168706otherProjected annual electric demand technology sales by scenario, state, sector, and subsector.
 Electric Technology Stock.gzip33641005otherProjected annual electric demand technology stock by scenario, state, sector, and subsector.
 Electric Technology Service Demand.gzip65478605otherProjected annual electric technology service demand by scenario, state, sector, subsector, and final energy.


NREL energy data electrification buildings transportation industry electrification futures study EFS United States end-use technologies electrotechnologies energy transitions 2017-2050


•  JUL  • 6 2018

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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Mai, Trieu et al. (2018): Electric Technology Adoption and Energy Consumption. National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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FY17 AOP Integrated Nuclear Renewable Energy Systems Analysis

Research Areas

  • Buildings Efficiency
  • Energy Analysis
  • Transportation

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  • Energy Conservation/Utilization

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