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Industrial Process Heat Demand Characterization

This data set is an expansion of the facility-level process heat survey conducted by McMillan et al. 2015 https// Using the same methodology annual facility combustion energy use was calculated from emissions data reported to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program https// for 2010 to 2015. The resulting energy values in TJ total and by fuel type were further characterized by end use using data from U.S. Energy Information Administration 2010 Manufacturing Energy Consumption Survey https// and by temperature range. The data set includes calculated GHG emissions in MMTCO2e by fuel type end use and temperature range.
- Originated 07/25/2018 by National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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 Industry_heat_demand_characterization.csv25035040dataEstimated heat demand of the 14 top greenhouse gas emitting industries from 2010 to 2015, including characterization of temperature range and end use.


NREL energy data industry manufacturing thermal heat greenhouse gas emissions carbon dioxide solar industrial process heat geothermal energy nuclear power industrial heat reducing emissions carbon footprint USA


•  JUL  • 5 2018

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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McMillan, Colin; Ruth, Mark (2018): Industrial Process Heat Demand Characterization. National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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FY17 AOP Integrated Nuclear-Renewable Energy Systems Analysis

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