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Lignin Forcefield Source Datafiles

Three archives are provided here comprising the development of a CHARMM36-compatible lignin forcefield suitable for use in biomolecular simulations. One archive contains the output topology and parameter files in CHARMM format suitable for use in constructing simulation systems. The remaining two hold the logic of the parameterization featuring scripts that do the optimization including the source for the GPU-accelerated objective function evaluation and target data creation as well as minimal outputs needed to recreate the work Due to licensing restrictions Gaussian log files that created the target data are not provided here. Instead only binary-formatted parsed target data as well as the input decks used to create the target data are provided in Readme files for individual directories created within the directory structure are contained within
- Originated 07/25/2018 by National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

4 Resources

 NameSizeTypeResource Description
 parameters.zip15294archiveTopology and parameter files in CHARMM format, suitable for use in constructing simulation systems
 scripts.zip634901archiveScripts that were used to do the optimization (including the source for the GPU-accelerated objective function evaluation) and target data creation.
 datafiles.zip174805780archiveMinimal outputs needed by the scripts included in to demonstrate functionality and the assumptions used.
 Dataset linkwebsiteLignin parameterization dataset hosted by the CSC.


NREL data lignin CHARMM molecular dynamics parameterization polymerization feedstocks force field


•  APR  • 30 2018

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

by , 303.384.6284, Center 2700, ORCID iD 0000-0003-3139-6469



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Crowley, Michael et al. (2018): Lignin Forcefield Source Datafiles. National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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