2017 Annual Technology Baseline (ATB): Cost and Performance Data for Electricity Generation Technologies

Each year since 2015, NREL has presented Annual Technology Baseline (ATB) in a spreadsheet that contains detailed cost and performance data (both current and projected) for renewable and conventional technologies. The spreadsheet includes a workbook for each technology. This spreadsheet provides data for the 2017 ATB.

In this edition of the ATB, offshore wind power has been updated to include 15 technical resource groups. And, two options are now provided for representing market conditions for project financing, including current market conditions and long-term historical conditions.

For more information, see https://atb.nrel.gov/.
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2017-ATB-data.xlsm 3.24 MB Document 2017 and future cost and performance data for electricity generating technologies, including both renewable and conventional technologies
Author Information
Maureen Hand, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Chad Augustine, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
David Feldman, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Parthiv Kurup, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Philipp Beiter, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Patrick O'Connor, Oak Ridge Laboratory
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Hand, Maureen, Chad Augustine, David Feldman, Parthiv Kurup, Philipp Beiter, and Patrick O'Connor. 2017. "2017 Annual Technology Baseline (ATB): Cost and Performance Data for Electricity Generation Technologies." NREL Data Catalog. Golden, CO: National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Last updated: September 16, 2022. DOI: 10.7799/1375637.
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Integrated Nuclear Renewable Energy Systems Analysis: Annual Technology Baseline (ATB) and Standard Scenarios/Outlook - Electric Sector
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Department of Energy (DOE)
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Energy Analysis
Energy Systems Integration
Geothermal Energy
Solar Power
Water Power
Wind Energy
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