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dGen (Distributed Generation Market Demand) Model Data: Alpha Release

Open sourced data needed to run the basic alpha release version of the dGen model. Includes a pre-generated agent file of 100,000 agents in pickle file format along with the base schema and table data in parquet format that are needed to create a postgreSQL database for the model to interact with.
- Originated 04/01/2020 by National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

9 Resources

 NameSizeTypeResource Description
 agent_df_base_081819.pkl377373219otherPre-generated agent file used to run the alpha version of dGen. Includes 100,000 pre-generated agents. Pickle file format. Is needed to run the model
 agent_df_base_081819_NV.pkl1890660otherPre-generated agents for Nevada
 agent_df_base_081819_DE.pkl331043otherPre-generated agents for Delaware
 agent_df_base_081819_MA.pkl1569663otherPre-generated agents for Massachusetts
 agent_df_base_081819_CA.pkl6453780otherPre-generated agents for California
 agent_df_base_081819_PA.pkl7327286otherPre-generated agents for Pennsylvania
 agent_df_base_081819_MN.pkl9602319otherPre-generated agents for Minnesota
 agent_df_base_081819_TX.pkl27847659otherPre-generated agents for Texas
 dgen_alpha_os_db_postgres.sql.zip1960991983archiveThis file contains a postgres db dump.


NREL energy data dGen Distributed Generation Market Demand Model adoption solar adoption solar photovoltaic PV adoption agent based model techno-economic modeling TEA techno-economic analysis dGen alpha release RiDER Resilient Planning for Distributed Energy Resources agent based modeling


•  APR  • 1 2020

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

by , 303.275.4403, Center 6A20, ORCID iD 0000-0002-2798-4738



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Stanley, Trevor et al. (2020): dGen (Distributed Generation Market Demand) Model Data: Alpha Release. National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

About this dataset

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status Publicly accessible
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DOE Project

FY19 AOP Resilient Planning for Distributed Energy Resources (RiDER)

Research Areas

  • Energy Analysis
  • Grid Modernization
  • Solar Power
  • Wind Energy

Additional Subjects

  • Direct Use
  • Energy Storage
  • Photovoltaics
  • Solar Energy
  • Transmission/Distribution

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