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Municipal Franchise Agreements and Energy Objectives

This data set includes franchise agreement-related information from 3,538 municipalities nationwide including data on franchise length, fees, agreement language, and energy objectives.
- Originated 12/04/2019 by National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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 Municipal Franchise Agreement Data.xlsx509686dataThis data set provides information on Municipal Franchise Agreements, review the cover sheet prior to analyzing the data.


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•  DEC  • 4 2019

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

by , 303.275.3676, Center 6A20



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Cook, Jeff; Grunwald, Bryn (2019): Municipal Franchise Agreements and Energy Objectives. National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

About this dataset

id 124
DOI 10.7799/1577346
status Publicly accessible
last updated soon

DOE Project

FY19 AOP Analysis of Municipal Franchise Agreements in Cities That Have Incorporated Energy Objectives

Research Areas

  • Buildings Efficiency
  • Grid Modernization
  • Solar Power
  • Transportation
  • Wind Energy

Additional Subjects

  • Energy Conservation/Utilization
  • Energy Storage
  • Knowledge Management
  • Photovoltaics
  • Solar Energy
  • Transmission/Distribution

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