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Ambient Condition Distributions Versus Vehicle Miles Traveled by Light-Duty Vehicles

Data files contain nationally-representative summaries of the ambient conditions experienced by light-duty vehicles within the United States on a per-mile traveled basis. Distributions are included for ambient temperature, relative humidity, solar irradiation, and air density. These distributions are calculated by incorporating when vehicles are typically driven by time of day and where vehicles are typically driven spatially (primarily in urban centers).
- Originated 09/28/2019 by National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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NREL energy light-duty vehicle representative temperature solar irradiation humidity air density energy consumption fuel economy real-world ambient conditions


•  SEP  • 28 2019

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

by , 303.275.4839, Center 5400, ORCID iD 0000-0003-4641-5415



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Lustbader, Jason; Wood, Eric (2019): Ambient Condition Distributions Versus Vehicle Miles Traveled by Light-Duty Vehicles. National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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