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  • 2016 Annual Technology Baseline

    Current and future cost and performance data for electricity generating technologies, including both renewable and conventional technologies.
    NRELenergydatawindpvphotovoltaicconcentrating solar powerLCOEgeothermalhydropowerCAPEXovernight capital costcost and performanceprojectionREUSrenewable energy
    submitted Sep 16, 2016 by Wesley Cole
  • 2018 Annual Technology Baseline ATB Cost and Performance Data for Electricity Generation Technologies - Interim Data Without Geothermal Updates

    Each year since 2015 NREL has presented Annual Technology Baseline ATB in a workbook that contains detailed cost and performance data both current and projected for renewable and conventional technologies. The workbook includes a spreadsheet for each technology. This workbook prov...
    NRELenergydatawindPVphotovoltaicconcentrating solar powergeothermalhydropowerCAPEXcapital expendituresovernight capital costcost and performancecapacity factoroperations and maintenanceOMprojectionrenewable energyREUnited Stateslevelized cost of energyLCOE
    submitted Jul 02, 2018 by Laura Vimmerstedt
  • Geothermal Exploration Cost and Time

    The Department of Energy's Geothermal Technology Office (GTO) provides RD&D funding for geothermal exploration technologies with the goal of lowering the risks and costs of geothermal development and exploration. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) was tasked with deve...
    CostTimeExplorationGeophysicsGeochemistryDrillingRemote SensingGeothermal EnergyNRELbaselineimpacton line toolrenewable energyREanalysis
    submitted Apr 05, 2016 by Jenne, Scott
  • Gap Assessment (FY 13 Update)

    To help guide its future data collection efforts, The DOE GTO funded a data gap analysis in FY2012 to identify high potential hydrothermal areas where critical data are needed. This analysis was updated in FY2013 and the resulting datasets are represented by this metadata. The ori...
    shapefilegapnrelgap assessmentngdsnational geothermal data systemgeothermal prospectordBase fileexplorationmineralraw dataindex filegeophysicalprojection filewellgeologicstructurestructural mapsgeochemistryfaulthydrothermal
    submitted Oct 26, 2016 by Getman, Dan
  • Renewable Electricity Futures Study - Volume One

    Renewable Electricity Futures Study - Volume One. This is part of a series of four volumes describing exploring a high-penetration renewable electricity future for the United States of America. This data set is provides data for the entire volume one document and includes all data...
    NRELenergydatarenewable energyelectricityhigh-penetration of renewableselectricity futureFuturesbioenergygeothermal energyCSPconcentrating solar powerenergy analysiswater powerwind energyphotovoltaics
    submitted Jun 01, 2016 by Debbie Brodt-Giles
  • Geothermal Case Studies

    The US Geological Survey (USGS) resource assessment (Williams et al., 2009) outlined a mean 30GWe of undiscovered hydrothermal resource in the western US. One goal of the Geothermal Technologies Office (GTO) is to accelerate the development of this undiscovered resource. The Geot...
    case studycase historyexplorationtechnical issuesenvironmental issuestimelineBlue Mountaingeothermal areaChenaHot SpringsDixie ValleyLilaueaSummitKilaueaEast RiftSouthwest RiftSouth FlankLightning DockLong Valley CalderaCalderaMt PrincetonNealNorth BrawleyRooseveltRye PatchSalt WellsValles CalderaRedondoSulpher SpringsWaunitageothermal areasgeothermal resource areasonline listlist of areasmapgeothermal activitiesexploration techniquesoverviewexportcase studiesgeothermal energyrenewable energyREgeologic occurence modelsgrothermal drilling
    submitted Sep 29, 2014 by Young, Katherine
  • South Park Mountain Data: South Park, Colorado (Data)

    South Park, Colorado data including "Live" data and plots, updated every 2 hours. Daily plots and raw data files, are available from March 28, 1997 to yesterday. Solar Calendars, are available from March 1997 to the present month. Wind roses (monthly, seasonal, & yearly) are avail...
    midcsolarirradiancemeterologicaldatameasurementinstrumentationsolar calendarwind rosedisplayweatheroutdoorglobaltemperaturehumiditywindsiliconSouth ParkColoradoNRELenergyrenewable energyre
    submitted Apr 05, 2016 by McKenna, E.
  • NREL Solar Radiation Research Laboratory (SRRL): Baseline Measurement System (BMS); Golden, Colorado (Data)

    The SRRL was established at the Solar Energy Research Institute (now NREL) in 1981 to provide continuous measurements of the solar resources, outdoor calibrations of pyranometers and pyrheliometers, and to characterize commercially available instrumentation. The SRRL is an outdoor...
    NATIONAL RENEWABLE ENERGY LABORATORYDATAWEATHEROUTDOORSHUMIDITYWINDPRECIPITATIONTHERMOCOUPLESPYRANOMETERSPYRHELIOMETERSRADIOMETERSSILICONSPECTRASPECTROMETERSPHOTOMETERSALBEDOWATER VAPORTURBIDITYELECTRIC FIELDSCLOUD COVERDEW POINTsrrlbmsbaselinemidcsolarirradiancemeterologicalmeasurementinstrumentationsolar calendarwind rosedisplayreal-timeoutdoorglobaldirectdiffusetemperaturepressurethermopiletrackerpyranometerpyrheliometerradiometerrotatingshadowbandrsrrspspectrumspectroradiometerspectrometerphotometerpyrgeometerinfraredIRultra-violetUVAODsky imageimagersky camerasky scannerquantumphotometricPARelectric fielddry bulbwet bulbradiationnormalplane of arraytwo axisone axistiltedverticalresearchaerosolsanalysis
    submitted Apr 05, 2016 by Stoffel, T.
  • Elizabeth City State University: Elizabeth City, North Carolina (Data)

    The Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Solar Radiation Monitoring Network operated from July 1985 through December 1996. Funded by DOE, the six-station network provided 5-minute averaged measurements of direct normal, global, and diffuse horizontal solar irradianc...
    midcsolarirradiancemeterologicaldatameasurementinstrumentationsolar calendarwind rosedisplayweatheroutdoorglobaldirectdiffusetemperaturehumiditywindpressureprecipitationthermopiletrackerpyranometerpyrheliometerradiometersolar radiationrenewable energyRECONFRRMElizabeth City State UniversityElizabeth CityNorth Carolina
    submitted Oct 26, 2016 by Afshin Andreas
  • 2017 Annual Technology Baseline (ATB): Cost and Performance Data for Electricity Generation Technologies

    Each year since 2015, NREL has presented Annual Technology Baseline (ATB) in a spreadsheet that contains detailed cost and performance data (both current and projected) for renewable and conventional technologies. The spreadsheet includes a workbook for each technology. This sprea...
    NRELenergydatawindPVphotovoltaicconcentrating solar powerLCOEgeothermalhydropowerCAPEXovernight capital costcost and performanceprojectionREUSrenewable energy
    submitted Aug 21, 2017 by Wesley Cole