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  • Electrification Futures Study Load Profiles

    This data set includes hourly load profiles developed for the Electrification Futures Study (EFS). The load profiles represent projected end-use electricity demand for various scenarios of electrification (Reference, Medium, High) and technology advancement (Slow, Moderate, Rapid)...
    NRELenergydataelectrificationbuildingstransportationindustryelectrification futures studyEFSUnited Statesend-use technologieselectrotechnologiesenergy transitions2050load profile
    submitted Jan 09, 2020 by Paige Jadun
  • dGen (Distributed Generation Market Demand) Model Data: Alpha Release

    Open sourced data needed to run the basic alpha release version of the dGen model. Includes a pre-generated agent file of 100,000 agents in pickle file format along with the base schema and table data in parquet format that are needed to create a postgreSQL database for the model ...
    NRELenergydatadGenDistributed Generation Market Demand Modeladoptionsolar adoptionsolarphotovoltaicPV adoptionagent based modeltechno-economic modelingTEAtechno-economic analysisdGen alpha releaseRiDERResilient Planning for Distributed Energy Resourcesagent based modeling
    submitted Apr 01, 2020 by Trevor Stanley
  • Levelized Cost of Charging Electric Vehicles

    This data set includes the levelized cost of charging (LCOC) and lifetime fuel cost savings (LFCS) values as reported in "Levelized Cost of Charging of Electric Vehicles in the United States." Values are reported at the state and national levels for battery electric vehicles (BEVs...
    NRELenergydataelectric vehiclechargingevcost of electricityfuel costutility rate analysisdemand chargetime of use
    submitted May 15, 2020 by Brennan Borlaug

    Upload 2017-2018 Peak RC SE basecase files in *.raw v30 format
    submitted Jun 26, 2020 by Hongming Zhang
  • ResStock County/Household Income Assignment CHIA

    These data tables are cross-tabulations that provide the distribution of households by household income, converted to Federal Poverty Level (FPL) or Area Median Income (AMI) bins, and tenure status (owner or renter), specified by location and various household characteristics incl...
    submitted Feb 13, 2019 by Chioke Harris
  • WIND Toolkit Offshore Summary Dataset

    This dataset contains summary statistics for offshore wind resources for the continental United States derived from the Wind Integration National Datatset (WIND) Toolkit. These data are available in two formats: GDB - Compressed geodatabases containing statistical summaries align...
    NRELenergydataWINDToolkitoffshoreUnited StatesgeodatabasesGISPacificAtlanticGulfHD5Frenewable energyREBureau of Oceanic Energy ManagementBOEMenergy system integrationwind integration
    submitted Aug 18, 2017 by Caleb Phillips
  • Geothermal Exploration Cost and Time

    The Department of Energy's Geothermal Technology Office (GTO) provides RD&D funding for geothermal exploration technologies with the goal of lowering the risks and costs of geothermal development and exploration. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) was tasked with deve...
    CostTimeExplorationGeophysicsGeochemistryDrillingRemote SensingGeothermal EnergyNRELbaselineimpacton line toolrenewable energyREanalysis
    submitted Apr 05, 2016 by Jenne, Scott
  • NREL National Wind Technology Center (NWTC): M2 Tower; Boulder, Colorado (Data)

    The National Wind Technology Center (NWTC), located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains near Boulder, Colorado, is a world-class research facility managed by NREL for the U.S. Department of Energy. NWTC researchers work with members of the wind energy industry to advance wind power...
    nwtcm2towermidcsolarirradiancemeterologicaldatameasurementinstrumentationsolar calendarwind rosedisplayreal-timeweatheroutdoorglobaltemperaturehumiditywindpressureprecipitationthermopilepyranometerresearchWind Energyrenewable energyREBoulderColorado
    submitted Mar 24, 2016 by Jager, D.
  • NREL Vehicle Testing and Integration Facility (VTIF): Rotating Shadowband Radiometer (RSR); Golden, Colorado (Data)

    This measurement station at NREL's Vehicle Testing and Integration Facility (VTIF) monitors global horizontal, direct normal, and diffuse horizontal irradiance to define the amount of solar energy that hits this particular location. The solar measurement instrumentation is also ac...
    vtifmidcsolarirradiancemeterologicaldatameasurementinstrumentationsolar calendarwind rosedisplayweatheroutdoorglobaldirectdiffusetemperaturehumiditywindpressureprecipitationsiliconrotatingshadowbandpyranometerradiometerrsrrspsolar energywind energyrenewable energyREvehicletestingGoldenColorado
    submitted Mar 17, 2016 by Lustbader, J.
  • Solar irradiance data from Nevada Power's Clark Station, Las Vegas, Nevada

    A partnership with the University of Nevada and U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to collect solar data to support future solar power generation in the United States. The measurement station monitors global horizontal, direct normal, and diff...
    midcsolarirradiancemeterologicaldatameasurementinstrumentationsolar calendarwind rosedisplayweatheroutdoorglobaldirectdiffusetemperaturehumiditywindpressureprecipitationthermopiletrackerpyranometerpyrheliometerradiometerrenewable energyRENevadaLas VegasClark Station
    submitted Apr 19, 2016 by Afshin Andreas