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  • 2019 Distribution System Upgrade Unit Cost Database Current Version

    IMPORTANT NOTE This is the current version of NREL's Distribution System Unit cost Database and should be considered the most up-to-date. Compared to the previous version https// this database has additional data points and has been modified for improve...
    NRELenergydataunit costdistribution systemsdistribution upgradesgrid integrationinterconnectionutilityPVphotovoltaicvoltage regulatorscapacitor bankstransformersreclosers and relaysphase balancinghardware costssoftware costsbottom-up analysis
    submitted Jan 02, 2019 by Kelsey Horowitz
  • Municipal Franchise Agreements and Energy Objectives

    This data set includes franchise agreement-related information from 3,538 municipalities nationwide including data on franchise length, fees, agreement language, and energy objectives.
    NRELenergydatasolarfranchiselocal governmentcityresiliencerenewable energyvehiclesenergy efficiency
    submitted Dec 04, 2019 by Jeff Cook
  • Impact of uncoordinated plug-in electric vehicle charging on residential power demand - supplementary data

    This data set is provided in support of a forthcoming paper: "Impact of uncoordinated plug-in electric vehicle charging on residential power demand," [1]. These files include electricity demand profiles for 200 households randomly selected among the ones available in the 2009 REC...
    NRELenergydataresidential power demandplug-in electric vehiclesPEV chargingsmart griddemand responserechargingbatteryhybridMidwestUSAconsumptionrenewable energyRE2009 RECSelectricity usegrid modernization
    submitted Aug 08, 2017 by Matteo Muratori
  • Maximum demand charge rates for commercial and industrial electricity tariffs in the United States

    NREL has assembled a list of U.S. retail electricity tariffs and their associated demand charge rates for the Commercial and Industrial sectors. The data was obtained from the Utility Rate Database. Keep the following information in mind when interpreting the data: (1) These data ...
    NRELdatademand chargetariffelectricityUnited Statescommercialindustrialutility rateenergy analysisrate tiergrid modernizationsolar powerwind energydistribution capacitybuildings efficiencyconsumptionutilitieslocationbuilding sizecharge ratesbatterystorage/kWstatistical analysisClean Energy GroupResiliant Power ProjectSunShotrenewable energyRE
    submitted Nov 02, 2017 by Joyce McLaren