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  • Electric Technology Adoption and Energy Consumption

    Scenario data from the Electrification Futures Study Scenarios of Electric Technology Adoption and Power Consumption for the United States report. Annual projections from 2017 to 2050 of electric technology adoption and energy consumption for five scenarios reference electrificati...
    NRELenergydataelectrificationbuildingstransportationindustryelectrification futures studyEFSUnited Statesend-use technologieselectrotechnologiesenergy transitions2017-2050
    submitted Jul 25, 2018 by Colin McMillan
  • A National Thermal Generator Performance Database

    This submission contains cleaned and filtered data from the Environmental Protection Agency Clean Air Markets CAM database of thermal power plant operation and performance.
    NRELenergydatathermal plantthermal performancepart loadheat rateboilercoalnatural gasdieseloilcombustionturbinewood
    submitted Dec 05, 2018 by Michael Rossol
  • United States County-Level Industrial Energy Use

    Estimated industrial manufacturing agriculture construction and mining energy estimated by North American Industrial Classification System NAICS code county and fuel type for 2014. Additional disaggregation by end use e.g. machine drive process heating facility lighting is provide...
    NRELenergydataindustrymanufacturingminingagricultureconstructionNorth America
    submitted Sep 20, 2018 by Colin McMillan
  • Electrification Futures Study Demand-side Scenarios report figure data

    The file includes the data for figures in the Electrification Futures Study demand-side scenarios report. Additional information on the data can be found in the report.
    NRELenergydatascenario dataElectrification Futures StudyEFSelectric vehiclesheat pumpsenergy transitionselectrotechnologiesUnited States
    submitted Jul 02, 2018 by Trieu Mai
  • Industrial Process Heat Demand Characterization

    This data set is an expansion of the facility-level process heat survey conducted by McMillan et al. 2015 https// Using the same methodology annual facility combustion energy use was calculated from emissions data reported to U.S. Environmental Protection A...
    NRELenergydataindustrymanufacturingthermalheatgreenhouse gas emissionscarbon dioxidesolar industrial process heatgeothermal energynuclear powerindustrial heatreducing emissionscarbon footprintUSA
    submitted Jul 25, 2018 by Colin McMillan