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  • Lignin Forcefield Source Datafiles

    Three archives are provided here comprising the development of a CHARMM36-compatible lignin forcefield suitable for use in biomolecular simulations. One archive contains the output topology and parameter files in CHARMM format suitable for use in constructing simula...
    NRELdataligninCHARMMmolecular dynamicsparameterizationpolymerizationfeedstocksforce field
    submitted Jul 25, 2018 by Joshua Vermaas
  • ATP3 Unified Field Study Data

    ATP3 Unified Field Study DataThe Algae Testbed Public-Private Partnership ATP3 was established with the goal of investigating open pond algae cultivation across different geographic climatic seasonal and operational conditions while setting the benchmark for quality data collectio...
    NRELenergydataalgaebiofuelcultivation trialsharvest yieldsbiomassUFSmodeling and analysisfuelstestbedcultivation strategiesalgal productivitiespondsmedia2013-2015Nannochloropsis oceanicaChlorella vulgarisDesmodesmus cf intermediusArizona State UniversityCellanaCal Poly San Luis ObispoGeorgia TechArizonaGeorgiaCaliforniaHawaiiFloridaOhioFlorida AlgaeTRL CorpContinental USAUnified Field Studiesrenewabe energybiochemical
    submitted Aug 24, 2018 by Ed Wolfrum